Multi Pitch Climbing

Multi Pitch Climbing

Cost: $250/person

Length: 1 days

Max Guide/client ratio: 1:2

Instructor Quals: ACMG Rock Guide

Location: Squamish Multi Pitch

When: Various dates - click “book now” for dates

Multi Pitch Climbing

This is an exciting time in your climbing learning, release the shackles of the single pitch and venture up into the vast rock above. This course opens up so many routes options on the Squamish Chief, for years of adventure to come. This low ratio course prepares you with the skills and knowledge that enables you to be an efficient and safe multi pitch climber, to tackle big routes on the Chief, and elsewhere with confidence. Unlike other multi pitch courses, we spend the majority of our time in the real multi pitch environment. We start the day on the ground practicing the key elements of our multi pitch system, then with our low ratio of only two clients per guide, we venture onto short multi pitch climbs as a group of three. A route is chosen so that we also do a multi pitch rappel. Don’t spend your multi pitch course on the ground!

Cost: $250/person

Length: 1 days

Max Guide/client ratio: 1:2

Instructor Quals: ACMG Rock Guide

Location: Squamish Multi Pitch

When: Various dates - click “book now” for dates

A multi pitch course taught on a multi pitch - Revolutionary

Unlike other multi-pitch courses, this course teaches you on a real multi pitch.

Is this for you?

This course is for lead climbers of either trad. or sport who want to learn a safe multi pitch climbing system to get big routes done in an efficient manner. 

You will learn

Going up:

 - Top down belay and station management

- Fall factor force management 

- Efficient transitions 

- Belay device selection 

- Belay configuration to protect the belayer in the event of a fall when    there is a significant weight difference between the climbing team.    Think larger dude smaller woman. 

Going Down:

- Multi pitch repelling system focusing on;

- Rappelling back ups,  individual & partner

- Rope management, station and rope controls

- Multi pitch retreat & improvised bail from a bolted anchor

What’s included?

- High quality instruction from an ACMG Rock climbing Guide (Expert),      with 10 years of guiding experience, not an apprentice Rock guide!

- Instruction on a real multi pitch climb, ground school first

- Individual service - pre course phone conversation

- Rain Day Guarantee - no guiding during the rain!!

What should I bring?

- Belay/rappel device with guides mode

- Bullet pack for multi pitch 

- Regular climbing equipment 

- Water & food for the day


COVID and Rock Guiding

Just like other areas of our lives, we can mitigate the spread of the virus with the use of masks. 

Masks are required when we are in close proximity for example an instruction situation or at a multi pitch station. Because we are not in a confined space and we have the benefit of fresh air and the great outdoors we can remove our masks once the 2m proximity rule has been passed. This means climbing without a mask although having it in close for when doing partner checks, for example, or any other close proximity situations occurs. Please see our extensive COVID risk management plan on the About page, in the main menu. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

All participants must read, understand, and sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. Those under the age of 19 years must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign their waiver. Medical conditions that may affect your or other participants’ safety must be declared during the reservation process. The participation of any person in any program at any time is always subject to the discretion of OneLife Adventures and its guides. Please click on the waiver button below to read. An electronic wavier will be sent to you once your booking is complete.