Our Guides.

Our Guides.

We are a group of passionate and talented Mountain and Mountain activity speciality guides, such as Ski Guide, all qualified by the Association of Canadian Mountain guides ACMG. We love to share our joy and expertise of these adventurous backcountry sports with you. We take pride in connecting with each guest individually prior to each trip in an effort to get the most rewarding experience for you.

Will Mackaness  

Ski & Rock climbing speciality Guide ACMG + Owner & founder

Hello I’m looking forward to guiding you. One of my favourite parts of guiding is meeting interesting people like you. It’s a very social job and I find it fascinating to hear people's stories. I also really enjoy expanding what you think you are capable of, and your knowledge and understanding of these backcountry sports & their dynamic environments. Oh and I particularly enjoy when you ski the best turns of your life. My guiding career started in the Canadian Rockies and has taken me through the interior ranges of BC, and now the Coast ranges. Japan, holds a special place in my guiding heart and I hope to return there soon. I specialize in ski touring, nothing beats the slow, social, human powdered and mountain appreciation that only ski touring can provide. Beside all the ACMG certification, training and exams, I also have a Bachelor of applied science in Adventure Eco Tourism, and an Adventure Guides diploma from Thompsons Rivers University.

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Ski Guides

Please see our guide bios coming soon! Our guides are fox-like, smart, cunning, observant, athletic, waiting for the right moment to strike = ski that line, or deliver that key piece of info that allows things to click into place!!