Terms of Use.

Terms of Use.

Booking Policy / Release of Liability / Medical condition declaration /minor participation

All trips and activities we guide in the mountains, or on rock climbing terrain carry a degree of risk, while we are excellent risk managers, not all risks can foreseen or controlled. All participants must read, understand, and sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement prior to your trip or course. By signing this agreement you accept these potential risks and waiver certain legal rights. Those under the age of 19 years must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign their waiver.

Medical conditions that may affect your or other participants’ safety must be declared during the reservation process. The participation of any person in any program is always subject to the discretion of OneLife Adventures and its guides.

Cancellation Policies - weather / conditions - insufficient numbers

General Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be sent to will@onelife-adventures.com in writing, all circumstances will be individually reviewed and some exceptions may be made. In general Cancelations made;

30 days prior to the trip or course commencement

You will receive a full refund

30 - 14 days prior to the trip or course commencement

You will forfeit 25% of the cost of your course or trip

14 day or less prior to the trip or course

You will forfeit 100% of the cost of your course or trip

Cancellations due to environmental conditions & weather

We cannot control environmental or weather conditions, stated trip or course objectives may be affected by such conditions. Course and trip objectives may need to be altered or revised. Our overarching decision factor is the safety of you, our guests and our guides. OneLife Adventure and their guides have the right to cancel a trip or course due to any conditions that they think may affect the safety of our guests and guides.

In the case of cancellations due to environmental conditions & weather, Onelife Adventures will work with the parties affected to find an alternate date. In the case that a guest cannot find an alternative date a full refund will be submitted. If guests have concerns about environmental or weather conditions, they are encouraged to bring up their concerns, prior to or during a trip or course.

Cancelling Due to Insufficient participant Number

Many courses and trips require a minimum number of participants to run, if these minimum numbers are not reached, Onelife Adventures has the right to cancel the offering. If Onelife Adventures cancels because of a lack of insufficient number we will work with the affected party to provide a date that works. In the case that no date will work for both parties a full refund will be submitted.

Evacuation due to medical or injury policy
While evacuations due to medical or injuries are rare, they can happen.
All costs incurred & associated with a client injury or medical evacuation are the responsibility of that client. Evacuation insurance specific to the activity is recommended. All public rescues that receive a Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) number are paid by the province if you are a British Columbian resident. Although evacuations in the backcountry can be highly time-sensitive and local helicopter resources may be used on short notice and without a PEP number, leaving the guest to foot the bill.