Heli Assisted Ski touring in Squamish

Heli Assisted Ski touring in Squamish

Cost: $480/per person
Length: 1 Days  
Ratio: Max Guide to Guest Ratio 1:5
Guide: ACMG Ski Guide
Locations: Tantalus, Garibaldi, or Ski Pilot
Value: Heli + Sunshine + alpine powder
When: December - May on Sunny days!

Make hay while the sun shines

Heli assisted ski touring in the alpine when the storm passes is about as good as it gets! Skiing unsettled fresh powder in a stunning location above your home town sounds like a dream come true. Now it's a reality! We are blessed with so much incredible alpine terrain right at our doorstep here in Squamish, from the stunning Tantalus range to the dominating skyline of Garibaldi - get excited, because that’s where we are going! Our local heliport makes these locations accessible, with short, affordable flights. Can you create the flexibility to take advantage of these conditions when they present themselves?

Cost: $480/per person
Length: 1 Days  
Ratio: Max Guide to Guest Ratio 1:5
Guide: ACMG Ski Guide
Locations: Tantalus, Garibaldi, or Ski Pilot
Value: Heli + Sunshine + alpine powder
When: December - May on Sunny days!

The Storm Passes

It’s been storming for days with typical mild temperatures in the alpine. The morning is clear and cold, sucking the moisture from the recently fallen snow and creating perfectly stable powder conditions. Ice crystals twinkle as they fall from the sky, and the sun we have been missing lights the mountain tops with its golden winter light.

How does the process work?

Hit the "book now" button to the right and pay a $100 deposit, and you will receive email alerts for heli assisted ski touring throughout the season. We are constantly keeping an eye on the weather and we will send out a message 3 - 4 days in advance alerting you to a potential weather window in the forecast. Once we are sure that the weather window is going to materialize, we will send a secondary message alerting you that we will be going ahead on a certain day and that you can now purchase the day of heli assisted ski touring.

Other requirements?

You are required to take a short avalanche rescue training refresher prior to the day of heli assisted ski touring. This would typically be done at the start of the day, but to maximize your day in the alpine we are now offering these training sessions throughout the season as is required, which allows you to complete the refresher in advance of your tour day. The refresher addresses the basic rescue procedure in the event of an avalanche incident. 

Is this for you?

This is not for beginners - you must possess strong powder skiing skills, excellent fitness, and are experience in the use of touring equipment. This is a guided skiing experience and all decisions about where to ski or board and skin climb will be made by your guide. Having the heli reduces the amount of climbing required to get to the good alpine skiing location, and often starts with a high landing and ski descent. Once we arrive and ski our first run we are under our own touring power. The idea is that we maximize our runs once we have arrived in the terrain. This could mean touring between 1500 - 1900 m of vertical elevation, and because we often start at the top and finish at the bottom, we get another 500 m of skied elevation.


What’s included?

Phone Call preparation interview with each participant 

Certified ACMG Ski Guide 

Helicopter flight in & out of touring location

A full day of skiing powder in alpine terrain

A harness when skiing in glaciated terrain

What’s not included

Backcountry ski or Boarding equipment 

Avalanche rescue equipment 

Transportation to the heliport

Food/water/tea for the day


Day 1

8 am,  arrive at the Squamish Heli Port. 

Equipment and food and water check

Helicopter safety briefing 

8:30 am, load up in the machine and take off!

What can I expect?

You can expect to have a preparatory conversation with your guide about your backcountry skiing experience. 

Arrive at the Squamish heli port location with food, water & all equipment and you are ready to ski or board with your boots on. You will be briefed on our guides avalanche hazard forecast for the day. A short helicopter safety briefing is required and we load up to hit the powder!

Ski touring Equipment.

Downloadable Ski Touring Equipment List 

This is a list that you can consult anytime you go touring, keep in mind that packing light is also critical.

Touring Equipment

  • Ski Touring boots or snowboard boots - no regular ski boots
  • Skis - over 100mm waist is recommended
  • Touring Bindings - Pin or tech bindings are highly recommended (track binding are heavy and their ergonomics make for much more difficult travel)
  • Split board
  • Ski poles with powder baskets - adjustable type recommended
  • Adhesive climbing skins - Fitted to the width and length of your skis or board
  • Backpack capacity: 30-40 litre

Avalanche Hardware

  • Avalanche probe 
  • Snow Shovel - no plastic shovels
  • Avalanche Transceiver (457 KHz single frequency)
  • Spare transceiver batteries (purchase new ones & check for correct size)

Other essentials

  • Ski goggles, x 2 if you like dunking your head in the snow.
  • Sunglasses - even if it’s not sunny the snow is bright
  • Insulated water bottle or regular water bottle (No Camelback or other hydration
    systems they will freeze) 1L unless you are a sweety fish!
  • Food and snacks for the day - that are easy to eat on the go or in a snowy environment
  • Small thermos (good option to warm the insides)

    Ski Clothing
  • Ski pants gortex
  • Long underwear, shirt and bottoms (poly-pro/wool blends)
  • Fleece tops and bottoms (wind-stopper)
  • Ski socks 
  • Ski gloves / Mitts - Ideally one pair thinner and another pair thick
  • Gore-tex outer jacket/parka (with hood)
  • Down/Synthetic jacket (warm, “puffy” type jacket)
  • Neck gaiter/tube or buff - if its windy
  • Toque (ski hat)
  • Lightweight helmet and carrying system (optional)
  • Sun hat/powder hat - baseball caps work well

    Other Important Stuff
  • Personal first-Aid & blister Kit (second skin, compeed, athletic tape, personal medications, Ibuprofen, etc...)
  •  Sunblock
  • Headlamp, it's good to bring a headlamp in your pack in case we have an issue, for example, a broken binding later in the day.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

All participants must read, understand, and sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. Those under the age of 19 years must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign their waiver. Medical conditions that may affect your or other participants’ safety must be declared during the reservation process. The participation of any person in any program at any time is always subject to the discretion of OneLife Adventures and its guides. Please click on the waiver button below to read. An electronic wavier will be sent to you once your booking is complete.