Avalanche Rescue Tune Up.

Avalanche Rescue Tune Up.

Cost: $25/person

Length: 1.5 hr

Ratio: Max Guide to Guest Ratio 1:4

Instructor: ACMG Ski Guide

Locations: Whistler Blackcomb & 

Whistler Olympic Park snow pack depending

When: Weekends, Early season - W.B 

Evenings, Mid season - W.O.P as per snowpack

Get Practiced! With help from a pro.

Practice makes perfect, and when it comes to responding to an avalanche incident you want to be highly efficient and almost automatic. An avalanche incident may well be one of the most stressful moments experienced in a lifetime & you don’t want the stress response to slow or overcome your capacities. This mini course is here to bring you up to speed in the case that the worst was ever to happen. I welcome you to come and practice, and learn about the latest Avalanche rescue response techniques. Get this out of the way prior to Heli assist or a powder tour. If you are doing either our heli assisted ski touring or a Whistler Blackcomb backcountry powder tour with us, you can take this prior to your tour and at no cost. This allows the group to skip this on the morning of and spend more time skiing powder.

How old is your transceiver?

Modern three-antenna transceivers and their faster microprocessors are becoming extremely fast and accurate at pinpointing the location of the buried transceiver. We invite you to try one of these...

The details.

Your guides will pre setup a realistically deep, single & multiple burial senario. You will have the chance to practice and fine tune your transceiver search technique, first in a single burial setting, and then in a multi burial situation, probing a 30cm x 30cm target and practice the best group digging techniques. We will also discuss many other pertinent issues around avalanche rescue including, managing a groups resources, burial triage, burial victim care, actions to take if you are caught in a slide and recent avalanche statistics. 

Is this for you?

This is for all avalanche rescue response skill levels, it’s about practicing and learning in the most realistic scenario we can create; a realistically deep burial, with your own gear, with gloves on, it’s about getting the transceiver in your hand and practicing. We want to set you up for success if the worst were to happen. 


What’s included? 

1.5 hrs rescue practice

Certified ACMG Ski Guide 

1: 4 guide to guest ratio

What’s not included

Avalanche rescue equipment unless arranged with us.

What can I expect?

Expect to be outside in the cold for 1.5hrs, some of it being extremely active and physical and other times talking. Bring layers and you own avalanche rescue equipment. Bring snow boots if you are at one of our later Whistler Olympic Park sessions. 

Avalanch Rescue Equiptment list


  • Avalanche probe - minimum size 240cm 
  • Snow Shovel - no plastic shovels - Lightweight aluminium
  • Modern Avalanche Transceiver

+ Warm Jacket

+ Snow boots if at Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler Olympic Park

You will find us set up at the far SE corner of the bla bla blab

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