Afterwork Summer Session

Utilizing the long evenings of summer, these program allow you to develop your skills incrementally over a serious of weeks.

Afterwork Summer Sessions

Utilizing the long evenings of summer, these programs allow you to develop your skills incrementally over a three or four week period. Each session is a bite sized mini course that builds your skills and knowledge. Apply the learned skills between sessions, and returning with follow up questions for solid skill retention. Flexible weekly scheduling means these fit with your busy summer. These sessions are fast paced and designed to maximize your after-work time, I meet you at the crag location, ropes and demonstrations are set up and ready to go and all gear required is supplied. Each session is taught by an ACMG Rock guide, with 10 diverse years of guiding experience, not a lesser or newly qualified apprentice rock guide.

Flexible weekly scheduleĀ 

Meet you at the Crag - no afterwork time waisted

No Fluff - Only the essential information taught



Sample a new crag each week

Intro to outdoor climbing +

This three-session course teaches you the foundational skills required to start the sport of climbing. It's also designed to make you an asset to a climbing group...

Crack Climbing Performance

This program is designed to increase your crack climbing performance through a series of tutorials and experiential learning. Each session targets a specific crack size, from fingers to fist sized cracks.

Climbing movement skills

For newer climbers looking to increase their climbing volume and get mileage on different locations around Squamish. Join a group and make potential new climbing partners

Midweek mini tutorials

These after-work sessions are designed to give you the distilled version of each topic and nothing more. The session are: Rescue essentials, Multi pitch systems, Trad. gear placement check up.